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About Us

Ekta Books has a 35 year long experience in the book publishing industry. It is one among the line of a few book publishers that have successfully completed a long journey. From its humble roots in Patan, Ekta Books has come a long way to being the best in the publishing sector. Its quality in both material and content in textbooks is unrivalled.

Ekta Books was established in 1982 under the able leadership of Mr. Ramchandra Timothy. This organization was named Ekta Books and Stationers at the outset. Initially, the organization focused on distributing educational and sports materials. Gradually, it entered a new phase of publishing and in accordance to the laws of the then government it was named Ekta Books Distributors Pvt. Ltd. From then on, the organization has been run by the same name. However, for ease it is most popularly known as Ekta Prakasan or Ekta Books.



The founder and chairman of Ekta Books, Mr. Ramchandra Timothy, respectfully points to have been inspired by his uncle Dr. Adon Rongong in delving into the publishing area.

This was later meant to become a landmark in the history of publishing in Nepal. In 1990, a sister concern Ekta Educational Palace at Man Bhawan, Lalitpur was established to cater to the rising necessity of books in Nepals.

Mr. Ramchandra Timothy Founder and Chairman, Ekta Books

Ekta Associates

  • Ekta Educational Palace, Man Bhawan Lalitpur
  • Ekta Book House Pvt. Ltd., Pradhan Nagar, Siligari, India
  • Timothy Publishing House Pvt. Ltd, Gandhi Nagar, Jalpaigadi, India

Ekta Branch

  • Ekta Books Distributors, Lamachaur, Pokhara

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