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The Cauliflower Diet
Author: Radha Thomas
ISBN: 9788184007510
Size: 130 x 200 mm
Pages: 205
Publisher: Random House

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The cauliflower is one of the best-kept secrets in the dieting community. It is among the most adaptable and versatile veggies that can blend into any kind of cuisine in the world and is an almost-perfect substitute for several types of starch - flour, cereal, pasta, rice and even the potato - for a fraction of the carb count. Besides being low in carbs, the cauliflower is gluten-free and high in nutrients. In The Cauliflower Diet, learn how the amazingly adaptable cauliflower can be used in the preparation of all the things you love: rice, upma, cookies and even pizza! Perfect for all types of weight loss, this humble vegetable will help you shed the kilos in no time.

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