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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (Set of 2 Volumes) 19/e
Author: Dan Longo , Anthony Fauci , Dennis Kasper , Stephen Hauser , J Jameson , Joseph Loscalzo
ISBN: 9780071842297
Size: 220 x 280 mm (HB)
Pages: 3000
Publisher: Mcgraw Hill

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The history of Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine dates back to 1950 when the first edition was published. It was the brainchild of reputed American physician Dr. Tinsley Randolph Harrison from Talladega, Alabama. He remained the editor-in-chief for the first five editions. The guiding principle of the book is the rock-solid foundation of clinical medicine mingled with the clear perception of pathophysiology. Dr. Harrisons famous quote pertaining to the obligations and aspirations of a physician appeared in the first edition. Though the book has been envisaged for the junior doctors and interns, it is useful to the whole medical fraternity. The current eighteenth edition incorporates all the latest development in the field of internal medicine. The unparalleled definiteness and encyclopedic ambit is intact. The present edition boasts of several new vital concepts like Systems Biology in Health and Disease, The Human Microbiome, The Biology of Aging etc. One distinctive feature of the book is that it focuses on the geographical variations of diseases thus making it a truly global medical compendium. The embedded DVD is a true icing on the cake. The exclusive videos on the DVD serve as the visual knowledge powerhouse for the relevant concepts. Some of the chapters featured in the revamped eighteenth edition are Gait and Balance Disorders, Chest Discomfort, Tingling, and Sensory Loss, Global issues in Medicine, Confusion and Delirium, Screening and Prevention of Disease, Women Health, The Safety and Quality of Health Care, Headache, Numbness, Medical Disorders during Pregnancy, Syncope, Principles of Clinical Pharmacology, Memory Loss, Pain: Pathophysiology and Management, Palliative and End-of-Life Care, Primary Progressive Aphasia, Memory Loss, Medical Evaluation of the Surgical Patient, Weakness and Paralysis, Decision-Making in Clinical Medicine, Video Library of Gait Disorders etc.

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