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No Time Like The Present
Author: Jack Kornfield
ISBN: 9781846045431
Size: 150 x 230 mm
Pages: 256
Publisher: Rider Books

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Bestselling author of A Path With Heart, Jack Kornfield invites you into a new awareness: how you can free yourself, whoever you are and whatever your circumstances. 
Renowned for his mindfulness practices and meditations, Jack provides the keys for opening gateways to immediate shifts in perspective and clarity of vision, allowing yourself to change course, take action or to simply relax. 
Presenting different paths to different kinds of freedom – freedom from fear, freedom to start over again, to love, to be yourself and to be happy – he guides you into an active process that engages your mind, heart and spirit and brings real joy, over and over again. 
Drawing from his own life, he presents a stirring call to be here, in the power of the now, the present, to work through life’s biggest challenges.

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