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The Unnatural World
Author: David Biello
ISBN: 9781476743912
Size: 135 x 210 mm
Pages: 304
Publisher: Scribner

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Civilization is in crisis, facing disasters of our own making on the only planet known to bear life in the universe. Our impact on Earth has ushered in what qualifies as a new geologic epoch, the Anthropocene, in which humans have become unwitting gardeners of the planet, setting the conditions under which all life flourishes– or not. In The Unnatural World environmental journalist David Biello reexamines the planet we have cultivated and introduces us to a band of pioneering, optimistic individuals working toward saving the best home humanity will ever have. This book is a hopeful guide book to a future earth in which we become better stewards of our planet, capable of thriving alongside a profusion of plants, animals, and other living things. As Biello shows, if we remake our civilization to create a better environment for all, the current era of human influence need not be the end of the world– just the end of the world as we know it.

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