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The Joy of Doing Nothing
Author: Rachel Jonat
ISBN: 9781507204955
Size: 140 x 195 mm (HB)
Pages: 154
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

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Imagine waking up and …peace. No rush to make it out the door. No scramble to get everyone fed and dressed. No panic over things that weren’t done the night before. Just ten minutes for you to enjoy doing nothing. Doesn’t that sound amazing? The Joy of Doing Nothingshows you how to find time in your overscheduled life for these wonderful moments– and how to let go of any guilt you may have over “wasting” time. Whether it’s the ten minutes before starting your day or a Saturday afternoon of unscheduled bliss, allowing yourself this time is the ultimate luxury, and you deserve it. Minimalism expert and author Rachel Jonat shows you the simple ways you can make room in your life for recharging your batteries, leaving you more open to receiving joy– every day. Go ahead. Take a step back, hit pause, and enjoy doing nothing!

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