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The 4-Hour Body
Author: Timothy Ferriss
ISBN: 9780091939526
Size: 155 x 235 mm
Pages: 567
Publisher: Vermillion

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The author promotes the philosophy of finding innovative ways to achieve quick and effective results in every area of life. The 4-Hour Body applies that philosophy to help readers change their bodies as desired, i.e. to achieve all their body-related goals.
Combining inputs from doctors to black market drug vendors to athletes, and drawing from the results of his own workout experiments, the author has crafted an assortment of techniques, each one aimed at achieving specific results. So, the readers can choose a combination of options best suited to get the results they desire, be it rapid weight loss or endurance boosting, be it polyphasic sleep or increased strength.
Filled with an interesting mix of stories, characters, philosophies, photos, and recipes, the book claims to help readers achieve their true genetic potential in a matter of a few months, with a commitment of less than four hours a week. According to people in the know, it reads more like an adventure than a fitness guide.

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