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Eat Right For Your Personality Type
Title: Eat Right For Your Personality Type
Price: NRs.560.00
Dicounted Price: NRs.280.00
Author: Karen Knowler
ISBN: 9789381431344
Size: 135 x 215 mm
Pages: 268

Learn what type of eater you are, how to celebrate and enjoy it, and how to work with it to achieve any experience or result that you want! Do you ever feel frustrated or confused about food, eating, diets or health? Would you like to better understand your eating habits, and how you can open up to a new way of thinking, feeling or being around food? Eat Right for Your Personality Type is an exciting and completely new take on food and eating that shines a brilliant light on how what we eat and rink – and why – shapes not only our body, but every single aspect of our life. 

You might be surprised to learn that the dietary choices you make are more often than not totally unconscious decisions, and that your personality type is in fact the number one driver of your behaviours around food. This groundbreaking book holds the secret to the ten different eating styles that exist and the gifts and challenges each one holds, showing the reader how each style can be used to create the experiences they want in their own life – whether you want to achieve weight loss, energy gain, improved health or inner peace – or simply find a more convenient way to eat for your lifestyle – this book will put you firmly in control of your relationship with food, and allow you to find the perfect balance based on your current or long term needs or desires.