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Ekta Junior English-Nepali Dictionary
Author: Shreedhar Prasad Lohani
ISBN: 9789937101356
Size: 130 x 215 mm
Pages: 382
Publisher: Ekta Books Distributors

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Ekta Junior English-English-Nepali Dictionary has been written to fulfil the needs of students at the junior school levels and general learners of English. It is hoped the Dictionary will sensitize young learners to go for precise word meanings. The Dictionary contains about 7,500 main entries, including headwords and idioms and phrases. About 250 pictures are used to define the words visually. All the headwords are given definitions in English as well as their Nepali equivalents. If an entry has more than one meaning, it is distinguished by number (1,2,3). The pronunciations of headwords are represented in IPA. The spellings and pronunciations of British and Americans words are shown in the Dictionary. A large number of worlds are used in sentences to contextualize their meanings and are presented in italics.

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