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Second Chance
Author: Robert Kiyosaki
ISBN: 9781612680460
Size: 150 x 230 mm
Pages: 352
Publisher: Platt & Munk

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Most of us realize the world is in a financial crisis. Unfortunately, our leaders are doing the same things over and over again, using Industrial Age solutions to solve Information Age problems. In this book, you will see, in simple graphs and charts, how truly insane the insanity is. Second Chance is written for individuals who realize it is time to do things differently. This is also for the person who realizes it is insane to save money when banks are printing trillions of dollars; it is insane to invest for the long term when stock markets are crashing; and why it’s insane to go back to school when schools do not teach you much about money. In Second Chance, you will learn how to make smarter decisions about your money and your life, decisions than can make a difference in our world. Your decision on a second chance. You will learn about the dangers as well as the opportunities in the global financial crisis.

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